Friday, May 2, 2014

A Cosby Show Moment. . .

The Cosby Show will always be one of my favorite TV shows!  It's a classic! 
Bill Cosby and The Cosby Show writers knew what comedy was and I think we're missing that in a lot of our current television shows.  I want to laugh out loud! 
Here is a clip of a very funny scene from The Cosby Show.  Enjoy!!
Oh, and shout out to my Baby!  When we were dating, my Hubby bought me the complete series of The Cosby Show.  He's such a sweetie ;-)   

This is the reggae song that's playing in the background...
Sponji Reggae by Black Uhuru
Did I mention that I LOVE music?!
♫♪ d(-_-)b ♫♪

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