Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fun Ideas for Christmas

Can you tell that I'm excited about Christmas?!

Here are some really nice ideas I saw on #Pinterest to make Christmastime even merrier.

This year, I'm going to try doing some of these things and maybe I'll make it a tradition. We'll see :)

Awww! Love this first idea ♥ This photo can be done for an engagement, wedding or baby announcement, Christmas greeting cards, or just for fun memories. The black and white really makes the lights pop! 

A Christmas tree of appetizers - great idea for a party! 

Red and Green peppermints in a candleholder.  Simple homemade Christmas decor. 

I so want to do this to my car!  I want to find the reindeer eyelashes for the headlights too.

How cute are these ninja turtle ornaments?!  Very creative and a fun craft for kiddos :)

Another idea to decorate your home - take some jars and fill them with wrapping paper bows, candy canes, etc. I mentioned in a previous blog how you can use these same jars all year round. Just fill them with different things to fit the current season or whatever the occasion may be. It's perfect!

I'm sure you've seen this idea making its rounds on the internet, and for good reason. This is a great way to start a family tradition with your children. Let them open this present on Christmas Eve. Fill the box with new pajamas they can wear that night, a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, popcorn and snacks for the movie, etc.

I saw this candy cane vase idea on The Real.

Click here to see how to make this fun treat.

How about having an ugly sweater Christmas party?  A lot of popular stores have started selling ugly Christmas sweaters just for this purpose.  I also saw a company on #SharkTank called Tipsy Elves that sells ugly Christmas sweaters. Check out their website at

Tip: Do a gift exchange at the ugly sweater party too. And if you don't want to do a "Dirty Santa" theme, then that's okay!  I don't like that either :)  Put a monetary limit on the gift (e.g., $20 or more) so everyone will get a nice present.

I like the idea of hanging a wreath on the inside of the house.

Cute nails!

What a great idea to put bows on pillows! 

Okay, these Grinch kabobs are too cute! 

What you need: 
  • toothpicks 
  • green grapes 
  • bananas (slice) 
  • strawberries (cut the tops off) 
  • small marshmallows 

If you have some extra Christmas tree ornaments, put some in a bowl for a nice table centerpiece. 

Upside-down Snowman :) Be different. 

Host a gift wrapping party.

Click here or on the above pic to see how to make this DIY "Santa's Belt" Decor.

Which ideas do you like the best?

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