Sunday, November 16, 2014

Revelations: The Deliberating Table

I watch T.D. Jakes "The Potter's Touch" program on the +Trinity Broadcasting Network and I recently saw a sermon by Bishop I.V. Hilliard

He had an awesome word at the 2013 Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference.

I did not attend the conference, but thank you Bishop Hilliard for sharing your revelations!

As I was watching the rebroadcast of the sermon, I remembered that my Mom told me about it a few months earlier.  For a Mother's Day gift, I had purchased the Woman Thou Art Loosed DVDs for her.  You can purchase them here.

There is a part of Bishop Hilliard's sermon titled "There's Always a Life Choice," where he talks about making decisions at The Deliberating Table.  Below is my Mom's summary of this message and also what she shared with me.  Thanks Mom :)  Love you!!

The Deliberation Table

In life, as we live each day making countless decisions, remember this: At the Deliberation Table Your mind” - it’s a table of 4.

1.     Intellect
2.     Emotion
3.     The Flesh
4.     Holy Spirit

     *    If you’re an “Intellectual,” you weigh and argue facts and statistics and measure the situation.  Your intellect will dominate your thought process.  Facts change, there’s nothing certain but God.

     *    If you’re “Emotional,” you allow your emotions to over-rule, rule you and dominate your thought process.  You’ll feel one way today about the situation, and another way on tomorrow.

     *    If you allow the “Flesh” to take over and dominate; that’s always a bad thing.  Your pride and selfishness will rule.  The Word says deny “Self”.

     *    If you allow the “Holy Spirit” to direct and guide your thought process;  you will be in obedience with God and it justifies God’s continued “Favor” and “Blessings” in your life.

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